Some other updates

Since it has been a while, let me get you up to speed.

(1) I finally finished the dissertation. I submitted it on May 19 and it was approved on May 20. Assuming nothing else goes horribly wrong, I will officially get the PhD on June 10. You’ll forgive me if I’ve gone ahead and started calling myself “Dr. Flinn.” 12 years stem-to-stern on this…if any of you are thinking of getting a PhD, think very long and hard about that.

(2) I’ve been composing again! On April 14 I premiered Requiem for soprano, tenor, two pianos, organ and percussion at Spivey Hall on Clayton State’s campus. I’m currently working on a full orchestral/choral version of the work (just today, finished putting all the notes in for the first movement).

(3) I still love me some politics, but I don’t think the blog is gonna focus as strongly on politics this time around. I really would like to do more musical things with it, as well as hold lively discussions about academia. And yes, the Cleti may very well return.

What’s new with you out there in cyberspace?