(1) Well, we got a debt ceiling deal. Personally, I would have rather seen the President pull out Amendment XIV, Section 4 and tell the Tea Party exactly what they can do with it, as well as where.

(2) For that matter, I’m still quite upset that they’ve appropriated the term Tea Party, since it’s an insult to the brave patriots of pre-Revolutionary Boston (since you just know every last one of the current Tea Partiers would be, if alive in 1776, raging Tories and Loyalists). Unless, of course, they mean Tea Party in a Lewis Carroll sense, in which case it’s a pitch-perfect name.

(3) Random thought – anyone who says “I went through (hazing, unfettered abuse disguised as “corporal punishment,” standardized tests, fundamentalist religion) and I turned out OK” is lying. If you need to make a big deal about turning something bad into something good, then, by definition, you did not turn out OK.

(4) It’s hot. Too darn hot, to quote Cole Porter.



  1. Just writing this makes me a nerd and troll but, although I’m not favoring any of the points of #3, but the reasoning (in the way it’s phrased) would be a tautology and if the person believed what he/she was saying was true, it wouldn’t technically be lying, just incorrect.

    Sorry, I haven’t graded many papers lately and I’m nit-picking everuthing.

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