So the Iowa Caucus will be underway soon. Any predictions?

Here’s mine, based on almost no evidence:
(1) Romney in a squeaker
(2)/(3) Almost dead tie between Paul and Santorum
(4) Perry
(5) Gingrich
(6) Bachmann
(7) Someone will do something stupid, but it won’t get as much play as:
(8) The “Dean Scream” of 2004 will be overplayed, because that’s just how our so-called liberal media rolls. (Really, kids, if you didn’t have the microphone turned all the way up you wouldn’t have heard any of that.)
(9) Less than one tenth of one percent of the American public will have a disproportionate say in our electoral process.
(10) Huntsman


I now know what the starting point is for my weight loss.


It’s the highest its ever been, though at least it hasn’t broken one threshold I was convinced it would have.

So now we know. Will provide periodic updates.


Did 22 minutes of a 45 minute intense cardio/aerobics workout today. Couldn’t do all the push-up stuff, and the jumping jacks presented a challenge (what with the gut and all), but I did what I could and kept moving at a good rate of speed for 22 solid minutes. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Doing musical things too. Gonna be a good year.