What I feared would happen happened. The “tricornered hat and empty head” brigade got another scalp. Also, a majority of people who voted yesterday in North Carolina put themselves on the wrong side of history. Again.

People, stop enabling these anti-government (check that: anti-government for anything other than rich white straight Christian males) idiots! They hide behind fear – fear of non-whites, fear of an angry God, fear of their own desires. They listen to the nice man on the TeeVee, the megachurch pastor with the fancy cars who peddles theological snake oil, the radio talk show host who knows how to exploit the stupid. They don’t think. They simply react, and they cannot stand that the country wasn’t like it was in the ’50s* (in the case of down here, that’s the 1850s).

*Actually, I’d take the tax rates of the 1950s in a heartbeat.