carefully taught

This article showcases a trend that is all too real, yet (sadly) nothing new. These issues date from almost the time the first white settlers came across the Atlantic.

The thing is, in the absence of real study and understanding of non-majority cultures, the majority culture becomes even more hardened in their negative opinion of the minority culture, thus perpetuating the system.

Of course, what is going to happen when – and it’s not if, but when – whites are no longer the majority?

I’m not even addressing the overall anti-intellectualism that permeates American life (and has overtaken one political party); I just believe – I know – that this refusal to even acknowledge other viewpoints and cultures leads to fear, xenophobia, and destruction. (Of course, the aforementioned political party loves those things.)



  1. Back in the day WLW refuted that whites would be a minority within a given time frame by claiming that Hispanics begin to self identify as white within three generations of living in the U.S.

    I’m pretty sure that Mr. Zimmerman threw a wrench in this argument.

  2. Not that there wouldn’t be some historical precedent for that – if I understand things correctly, at various points in our nation’s history Irish, Italians and Greeks were all considered non-whites.


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