variation on a theme

Continuing the local government theme from last night…

Tonight I attended a forum for local candidates (Morris Area School Board and Stevens County Commission) at the local American Legion hall. You know where I stand on the school board (Mike Odello deserves your vote), but I will say I was also impressed by current school board member Brent Fuhrman. He was the only one of the incumbents speaking sincerely about a balanced, well-rounded education. I appreciate that.

I do wish that the questions asked were actual questions about philosophy of educational governance instead of “How will do you this thing which is required by the state and can only really be done one way?” When you’re given a chance to ask questions of elected officials, don’t waste it with your own axe to grind.

The County Commission races were pretty clearly defined as well. One district is lucky to have two really solid candidates. Would that all districts would have such a great race.