So the Iowa Caucus will be underway soon. Any predictions?

Here’s mine, based on almost no evidence:
(1) Romney in a squeaker
(2)/(3) Almost dead tie between Paul and Santorum
(4) Perry
(5) Gingrich
(6) Bachmann
(7) Someone will do something stupid, but it won’t get as much play as:
(8) The “Dean Scream” of 2004 will be overplayed, because that’s just how our so-called liberal media rolls. (Really, kids, if you didn’t have the microphone turned all the way up you wouldn’t have heard any of that.)
(9) Less than one tenth of one percent of the American public will have a disproportionate say in our electoral process.
(10) Huntsman


The above quote is from the late Richard J. Daley, Sr., boss of Chicago for over 25 years. He knew a thing or two about how to create a police state and divide people while the oligarchs raided the treasury.

Seems, I dunno, appropriate right about now.

Also – if Lt. John Pike III, the be-badged thug who sprayed chemical irritant like it was a clown’s seltzer water, was just following orders, than everyone in that chain of command needs to be forced out of their position. Immediately. With extreme prejudice.

(Yes, one of the categories under which I’m filing this is “Corporate America Gone Berserk.” If we enforced bank regulations a tenth as much as localities have tried to enforce park regulations against OWS, we wouldn’t be in this mess.)


Shorter entire right wing: The personal peccadilloes of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), who has never once tried to go after any political figure on grounds of sexual morality and whose wife was aware of said peccadilloes, discredit the entire progressive movement, including the Great Society, the New Deal, child labor laws and Amendments IV, XIII – XVII, XIX, XXIII, XXIV and XXVI.