From the Chronicle of Higher Education comes an op-ed in support of “sports majors.”

The operative model in this case is the major in a performing art, such as music or theatre. I don’t know much about the potential sports classes (though the article does offer an interesting curriculum), but I do know a thing or two about the music major.

I think I’d be OK with this, if it was coupled with a real MLB-esque farm system for the NBA and NFL (instead of the farm system outsourced to the colleges), if the courses had real academic discipline and rigor (as the upper division courses and ensembles of a music major should have), and if the students who took part in the major had a real capstone/senior thesis project (beyond simply playing the game). I could see it as a path to the pros, yes, but also a way to train future coaches and minor-league or semi-professional players. Plus, with the actual farm system in place, a player could decide if s/he wanted to go that route or through the college route.

And of course, one not need major in football studies to play football any more than one need major in music to be in the campus band.

What say you?


After a really good Opening Ceremony (though the music retrospective/tech thing went on too long and no one needed Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera and Bob Costas spreading stupid over the whole thing), let’s get these Olympics going.

Also: It may have been a charm offensive, but as others have pointed out, Mitt Romney was short on charm and long on offensive. What’s next – offering Netanyahu bacon?


As a native of Indiana, I always watch the Indy 500. To me, there’s just something more…honest about open-wheel racing as opposed to NASCAR. And, while I’m sure there are many, many people who can be considered “rednecks” in attendance at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it just seems less…well, I’m just gonna say it – white-trashy than NASCAR. (A low bar, I know.)

I do love the old Brickyard, though. What a place.


My prediction? Giants in a fairly close one.

I probably just guaranteed a Pats blowout.

Also: Halftime show will be pointless. Why isn’t a top-shelf college band or drum corps involved? And where are my stewed prunes? You kids get off my lawn.


You don’t expect a football coach to also be a musician, but it does happen:

He’s not the first Bengal with musical ties – Mike Reid was a music major at Penn State, wrote 12 number one country songs and six musicals/operas (including Different Fields, about – wait for it – a football player) – but it’s still nice to see this sort of thing.