So far, we’re fine. No reports of the disease in Stevens County.

Instruction at UMM is going to be online only for a couple of weeks after Spring Break, and probably longer than that.

Be safe, avoid large groups, wash your hands, and elect people who respect expertise.

And hey, maybe this will be my excuse to do more with this website. But I wouldn’t count on it.


Sorry, folks. Just been swamped.

It’s good, though. The Tuba Concerto is getting its orchestral premiere May 17 by the Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra (Brad Lambrecht, conductor) with Mike Odello as soloist. Got some other performances lined up as well.

Had An Unperfect Actor (after Sonnet XXIII) performed in New York City on January 4 by Alan Theisen as part of a recital featuring works in the New Music Shelf anthology for alto saxophone – my first NYC performance!

I’ll try to do this weekly. I’ve missed our conversations.


A couple of weeks ago, I went down to Iowa City for the International Trombone Festival. Picked up a new mouthpiece. Here I am getting used to it.

Maybe I’ll put more of these up every now and then.

Also, I can’t recommend Giddings Mouthpieces enough. This is the EXL model, stainless steel with a frost finish. I play on a Conn 88H (Elkhart).


Back in the late Middle Ages, when we used IRC and AOL IM, whenever you would get up to grab more Cheetos or use the bathroom you would type “AFK,” which meant “away from keyboard.”

I haven’t been AFK, precisely – I’m still tearing it up on my Twitter feed and on Facebook – but I haven’t been blogging. I should remedy that, especially since there’s this fancy new website and all.

I’ll do better.


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