Why do I do what I do? Why is my life this weird potpourri of music, science, literature, politics, and surrealism?

My Credo:

I believe every human being should have – by virtue of being born human – access to knowledge, culture, and history.

I believe culture should be available to everyone, be they rich or poor.

I believe arts and humanities are a necessary component of education, from pre-K to PhD and not excluding the trades. Why can’t a bricklayer like poetry, a garment worker music, a farmer literature, a bookkeeper sculpture? By saying cultural pursuits are only for people from specific classes and castes, we deny the basic humanity and the need to create – to endure – of billions.

I believe we should govern ourselves by hope, not fear.

I believe in the transformative power of the humanities.

I believe in the human race, even when the human race does not believe in itself.

I believe if we do not kill ourselves in the cradle, we will go to the stars.

I believe that’s enough for now.


Here it is, in its entirety (entirety placed below a cut to save space on the main page).


Whether we want to admit it or not, we are a political people in a political time. No one wants to be “political,” but I believe that is because we misinterpret what politics is. We have become convinced that politics is merely the electoral horse race. This is not politics in its truest sense; it is a media-driven phenomenon, and there are elements in our society who exploit this nasty business to divide us for their own gains. Rather, politics should be the process by which we assume the burden of self-governance and work through the vital questions facing all of us. I refuse to succumb to cynicism and to haughtily retreat to a safe distance. I embrace politics.