This one is a burrower.
This is Dido, whom we got at the same time as Chloe. Dido is a tabby like Hep, but considerably smaller and a little lighter in shade.

Maybe it’s because they’re both tabbies, but Hep has over the years really taken a shine to Dido. You’ll often find him snuggled up next to her or grooming her. It’s disturbingly cute.


She's so cute, and you'll notice the rug really ties the room together.

I do want to apologize; I’m still exhausted from all the traveling.

In the meantime, here’s Julie, our beloved Wiener Dawg. She’s hours and hours of amusement, and just look at that face!


She looks innocent, but she will cut you.

This is Sam.

Sam is a part of the menagerie because the people who lived behind us were evicted. We did not want another mouth to feed, but someone had to make sure this cat got something to eat when the neighbors were kicked out. She’s an outdoor cat for the most part.

She is a very sweet and friendly cat, but she is also a killer. Every day it seems some unfortunate small animal has met Sam’s claws. She leaves the carcasses where we’ll see them, because that’s how we know she loves us. (Either that or she’s telling us, “Stop feeding me and you’re next.”) Rats, field mice, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, small aircraft – Sam has killed them all.


The Big Cat
I wouldn't cross him with a team of Sherpas.

Today we have a picture of the grand lion of the house, Hep Cat. Nearly 13 and still the meanest, orneriest so-and-so around. That gruff exterior masks an old softie, though – he loooooves our other tabby Dido.