I always said when I owned my own home I’d make sure that I flew Old Glory.

Though it may surprise the casual reader, this unashamed liberal is also an unashamed patriot.

So, today, this happened.

cue the George M. Cohan

And if that weren’t patriotic enough, I’ve also acquired this:

nothing more patriotic than cooking meat

Yep. I’m a homeowner now.


This much I can tell you.

We are still at the in-laws’.

I am currently working on my classes for the fall (that’s mostly done, which is good, because all the books are now in Morris), a score for a short film, waiting to hear back from a journal about one article and doing preliminary work on another.

I begin walking in earnest again tomorrow. Hopefully soon I’ll be back to my 1.5 mile per day walk/jog/run-for-very-small-values-of-run.

Also, we should soon join the ranks of homeowners. More on that later. (Technically, I already own some land, but it’s just a plot in Pinhook Cemetery. I am thinking of opening it up to timeshares.)

Y’know, it ain’t a bad life, really. Got a good job (better than the last one, anyway, though I think it’s going to be good in its own right), got something resembling my health, got a wife I love like crazy, four great pets, and soon will be living The American Dream and owning my own home. It’s fitting that this is up during the Olympics, as I’m grateful to live in a country where we recognize that, the fevered dreams of Objectivists, fundamentalists and Capitalism-Über-Alles types notwithstanding, we are all in this together. I stand – we all stand – on the shoulders of the giants that had the foresight to build the political, social and general infrastructure that allows me to do all this.

U-S-A, U-S-A!