So Next Exit and Psalm 120 received their premieres, and Rational Exuberance was performed with great success in the Cleveland area. Gonna send a couple of recordings off soon, and I have also applied for membership in ASCAP.

Also, fulfilling a couple of requests – a suite for solo violin and an occasional piece (in the truest sense of that term) for the UMM Symphonic Winds.

As Navin R. Johnson said, “Things are going to start happening to me now!”


I’m working on a piece for trumpet, trombone, and piano that is based on tourist traps and crazy roadside attractions. Two movements are available (in cheesy MIDI demo) below.

“Cheshire Cheese Press” is a meditation on democracy, based on the statue commemorating a 1,234lb block of cheese that the citizens of Cheshire, MA sent to Thomas Jefferson.

“Pedro’s South of the Border” is a Tango-Passacaglia in honor of the famous tourist trap on I-95 on the NC/SC state line.


Cheshire Cheese Press

Pedro’s South of the Border