So Next Exit and Psalm 120 received their premieres, and Rational Exuberance was performed with great success in the Cleveland area. Gonna send a couple of recordings off soon, and I have also applied for membership in ASCAP.

Also, fulfilling a couple of requests – a suite for solo violin and an occasional piece (in the truest sense of that term) for the UMM Symphonic Winds.

As Navin R. Johnson said, “Things are going to start happening to me now!”


Got three performances in the next few months. May not seem like a lot, but I’m happy with it. Plus, they made lead to more.

Rational Exuberance, my short curtain-raiser for orchestra, will be performed in Kirtland, OH and Ft. Myers, FL this spring, and my setting of Psalm 120 (KJV) for soprano and euphonium will be performed soon at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. As you might imagine, this makes me very happy.

If anyone is looking for new music, let me know. If not from me, I know a few composers who may be more to your liking.