The Czech playwright who helped topple totalitarianism in his home country and became its president has passed away at the age of 75. Havel deserves more credit than he’s given (and certainly more than Reagan, Thatcher, et al) for ending the Cold War. Also: While I wouldn’t begin to claim that all creative types naturally make good leaders, let the record show that Havel was a playwright and poet (and even Reagan, the most overrated President in history, was an actor). Do not think that creative types – even Hollywood types – can’t be political leaders.


I’ve been an Apple guy for over 20 years. Like most people, my first computer was a PC. We had a clunky old HP box on the desk in the study from my junior year of HS onward. When I went off to college, I got to experience notation programs, which at the time were only available on Macs.


I know they cost more. I know they have been limited in the past. I know that some of my more populist friends think I’m being elitist. I. Don’t. Care. I like the look, the feel, how they work. I love my iPhone and iPod. I’m writing this on a MacBook Pro laptop.

We’ll miss you, Steve. You showed us that function and design can work together. You changed how we listen to music. You taught us to think different.