So I’ve done something musical every day this year. I’ve done at least three of the following four things daily:

(1) Make music in some way – practice my horns, perhaps;
(2) Compose;
(3) Work on analytical articles; and
(4) Listen to some music that I had not heard before.

If you want to do what I do, this is what you have to do. I didn’t for far too long, and I regret it.

Expect updates.


A friend (Dr. Mike Berry, formerly of Texas Tech) has started a new blog entitled Listening to 20th- (and 21st-) Century Music. It’s over on the blogroll.

We’ve had some discussions over the past few months about comparing analytical approaches, and he’s doing something interesting. He’s adapted a Quaker Bible study approach to the study and analysis of post-tonal music. It’s a fascinating idea, one to which I am sympathetic; my own research adapts an ecological model of postmodernism to analysis of quotation-laden music, so I can appreciate when a theorist steps outside the norms of structuralism/function-based analyses and develops a new hermeneutic.

Go over there and take a look.